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  • One-Click Vegetable Garden

One-Click Vegetable Garden

$3,299.00 Regular Price
$2,999.00Sale Price

Critter-proof, organic soil-filled, irrigation pre-installed, vertical supports built - in just one-click. 


In other words? Your garden: HANDLED.


     Drawing from years of experience in vegetable garden design, we present our 4x8 fully-enclosed, critter-proof raised bed vegetable garden. Standing at 6.5 feet high, it offers an ample 5 feet of vertical growing space above its 18-inch-high bed.

     This garden kit comes with built-in vertical supports + tomato strings and a trellis net - perfect for cultivating vine plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, or butternut squash. (No more annoying tomato cages!) Plus, it's equipped with a pre-installed irrigation system - simply connect it to a garden hose and timer, or integrate it with your existing irrigation system for effortless automated watering.

     The garden is filled with organic soil amended with Organilock's certified organic "Soil Food" to ensure your plants are healthy and produce is as nutritious as possible. With doors that open from both sides and durable materials built to last, this garden is a long-term investment. The price includes all materials and on-site installation, plus a collection of sample garden plans to spark your creativity at planting time. Enjoy the ease of gardening with our one-click garden solution!


Add-on the option for paint/stain, upgrade to cedar, optional lining (for placing on patio or driveway), or removable greenhouse panels for a truly customized garden experience.


In a nutshell:

  • Size: 4' x 8'x 6.5' tall
  • Fully enclosed with doors on both sides
  • Vertical supports and irrigation pre-installed
  • Comes with organic soil and certified organic "Soil Food" pre-applied
  • Price includes all materials AND installation on site


Add-On Options:

  • Customized paint/stain   + $100
  • Cedar lumber for raised bed portion     + $250
  • Lining for placement on pavement   + $100
  • Removable greenhouse panels   + $350


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